Why am I running?

  • The current Board of Education has failed our educators, students, parents, community and all support staff. There are many needs in this county. Here are a few:
    • Stagnant LIteracy Rate
    • Gaps
      • Racial -This is a systemic issue caused by many issues
      1. Ineffective and Discriminatory School Choice
      2. Inadequately spread resources
      3. DIscriminatory Banking Practices like RedLining
      4. Inequitable Pay
      • Socioeconomic
      • Technology Resources
      • Parental Participation
      • Parental Education
      • Pre-K Availability
      • Increase in the Drop out rate
      • Federal Title VI complaint filed against the Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County Board of Education for racial discrimination of the 1964 Civil RIghts Act.
  • We need investment in educator resources, true equitable school choice and early literacy intervention.

What skills do I bring?

 `I come from a STEM background in finance and have two children in the public school system. I have educators in my family and I hear their complaints. My project management skills help me relate to what a school superintendent should be able to accomplish as a leader.

My exposure to children's experiences as a volunteer, chaperone and tutor of at risk children in social services has opened my eyes to the variety of types of children in the school system. There is much we could do better.

What is the goal?

 Fully Independent Contributing Educated CItizens. How do we get there? FUNDING! FUNDING! and finally FUNDING! We gave to remember that funding means more than funding for salaries. Funding is for clean safe buildings. Funding for full support staff. Funding for low student/teacher ratios. Funding for supplies. Funding opens up class offerings to give our children more options. OF course, we must fund teachers salaries comparable to private industry. After all, the educators are helping raise and guide the next generation of Americans!